Hounslow’s Natural Summer

Participating locations

From 1 May 2024, grass will be left to grow across selected locations in the borough. These locations will have their next cut on 1, October 2024.

Please note that only some portions of the park or open space will be left to grow, with the remaining parts attended to as normal.

Watermans Park

Picture above - Watermans Park - Wildflowers 

Parks and Open Spaces

  • Poplar Way Open Space
  • Chiswick Old Cemetery
  • Rectory Meadow
  • Promenade West (Chiswick)
  • Dukes Meadows Recreation Ground
  • Gainsborough Gardens
  • Inwood Park
  • Redlees Park
  • Sutton Square (Heston)
  • *Hanworth Air Park
  • Beaversfield Park
  • Ex-Urban Farm (Bedfont)
  • Stand on the Green (Chiswick)
  • Clayponds Recreation Ground
  • St Paul’s Recreation Ground
  • Hounslow Cemetery
  • Borough Cemetery (Feltham/Hanworth)
  • Chester Road Open Space (Hounslow West)
  • Feltham Arenas
  • Leterim Park
  • Thornbury Park
  • Bear Road (Feltham/Hanworth)
  • St Dunstan’s (Feltham/Hanworth)
  • Boston Manor Park
  • *Turnham Green

Housing areas

  • Chiswick – Staveley Gardens, *Edensor Road, *Hogarth Estate
  • Brentford – Clayponds Estate, *Field Lane, *Green Dragon Estate, Mercury House Banks, Sidney Gardens
  • Isleworth – Ivy Bridge Banks, *Twickenham Road, Bulls Field
  • Hounslow – Kingswood Avenue, **Stanborough Road, *Unwin Road, Maitlands Close
  • Heston – *Heston Farm, Convent Way
  • Cranford – *Brabazon Estate, Northfields Road
  • Bedfont – *Grovestile Waye, ***Watermead Estate, Hachett Road
  • Feltham – Southern Avenue, Highfields Road, *Imperial Road, *Sparrow Farm Road
  • Hanworth – *Winslow Way, Wigley Road, Oriel Estate, South Road

* denotes a bug hotel installed



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