Hounslow’s Natural Summer

image showing wildflowers in the grass

This summer, Hounslow and its partners at Lampton Services are embracing nature and will be letting the grass grow in selected areas across the borough’s parks, open spaces, and housing estates.

Each year, strategic periods of longer grass can:

  • Help tackle pollution
  • Lock carbon away below the ground
  • Support wildlife (such as bees, insects, and plants) and local habitats to thrive

The Council has also given the green light to build 26 bug hotels in selected areas to help improve the biodiversity of the borough. These eye-catching constructions offer valuable pollinators such as bees and butterflies handy hideaways and provide creature comforts for those bugs that help to control garden pests.

Residents and keen gardeners are encouraged to lock up the lawnmowers for part of summer, and to keep off the grass too where possible.

From Wednesday, 1 May 2024, selective grassy areas will be left unmown until Tuesday, 01 October 2024.

We thank you for your support.



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