Hounslow Parcel Locker Network

Neighbourhood Parcel Locker Network

The London Borough of Hounslow has been working in partnership with YEEP! Lockers to bring residents a new, convenient, and eco-friendly way to receive and send parcels.

By choosing a parcel locker, rather than home delivery when shopping online, residents can now make a real contribution to improving air quality and reducing traffic in neighbourhoods.

Where can I find a YEEP! Locker?

YEEP! Parcel lockers have initially been rolled out to areas in Brentford, Isleworth and Feltham, as part of a multiple borough wide pilot alongside Lambeth, Merton Kingston and Sutton Councils.

What is a YEEP! Locker?

YEEP! lockers are lockable storage boxes, made up of different sizes, where parcels can be left securely by couriers for residents to collect at a convenient time. They can also be used to return and send parcels.

Parcel lockers are better for the environment and convenient!

Parcel lockers help to significantly reduce the number of delivery vans on Hounslow’s roads as they don’t need to visit separate home addresses, which in turn reduces carbon emissions and congestion caused by traffic.

As well as the environmental benefits, parcel lockers are open 24/7 so people can pick up their parcels at a time that’s most convenient. The lockers are also reliable and safe, keeping parcels securely stored, eliminating missed and stolen deliveries.

YEEP! lockers are super easy to use and contactless.

Collecting a parcel

To collect a parcel just select the nearest locker location at the checkout when you shop online. A notification is sent when the parcel is ready to collect. Use the YEEP! App, pin or scanned QR code to open the locker when the parcel is collected.

Returning a parcel

Choose the nearest YEEP! locker at the online returns checkout. Attach the returns label to the parcel. The parcel can be dropped to the locker at any time. Simply scan the parcel barcode to open the locker door and the YEEP! smart locker does the rest, telling the courier the parcel is ready for collection.

Download the YEEP! App.

For more information, please visit the YEEP! Website or read the frequently asked questions on the YEEP! website.


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