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What will a low carbon neighbourhood look like in Hounslow?

Today we gathered for the second session of our iLab exploring Low Carbon Neighbourhoods. 

The flagship project for this stream of the green recovery will be creating our own model of a low carbon 15-minute neighbourhood relevant to Hounslow communities and our aspiration as a Borough. 

The 15-minute neighbourhoods are about bringing the amenities people need as close as possible to where people live. This will reduce the number of car journeys that need to be made, help us deliver our ambition to be a net carbon zero Borough, and can also have many positive impacts on people’s quality of life and well-being as well as supporting local business and economies. 

We wanted to see how the borough already performs if we mapped 142 15-minute neighbourhoods and counted the number of amenities that fell within 1.4 miles of the centre of each neighbourhood. 

We counted: 

  • Supermarkets and retail locations 

  • Schools 

  • Children Centres 

  • Health Centres 

  • Parks and Open Spaces 

  • Town Centres 

  • Community Centres 

  • GP Surgeries 

  • Number of residential properties 

  • Public Transport Accessibility Levels 

This map shows how the different areas ranked. 


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