Greener borough


Hounslow has an ambitious target to reach net zero by 2030 and have a commitment to significantly reduce our borough’s carbon footprint by pledging to plant 20,000 trees to reach this goal, the council is continuously working with residents, community groups, partners, schools and business to realise our commitment to greening the borough.

Hounslow is one of London's greenest boroughs with approximately 40 per cent of its surface area being green, comprising parks and open spaces. The borough's trees are maintained by Lampton Services Greenspace and Hounslow Highways, on behalf of the council.

A greener borough benefits both people and the environment - it provides homes for wildlife and helps to absorb pollution. London Borough of Hounslow's greening strategy considers all measures to achieve this outcome through trees, wildflowers and carbon capturing plants. 

Street trees

Hounslow Highways, on behalf of the council, are responsible for just under 11,400 trees, on the public highway. Hounslow Highways undertake a survey and safety inspection of each street trees on a rotational basis, assessing and inspecting a third of the borough's street trees each year.


Can you help care for young trees?

When new trees are planted throughout Hounslow borough's highways and parks, their watering needs are supported by Hounslow Highways and Lampton Services Greenspace crews. However, during dry weather, these newly planted young trees (under 2 years old) can really benefit from more regular watering, so we would really appreciate the help of residents to water any new trees that are accessible to them.

Watering guidance:

  • Look out for the biodegradable tags on trees in parks and highways indicating that they are young trees in need of additional watering. 
  • Please water regularly during periods of dry weather, ideally a young tree requires 50 litres of water per week during summer - although anything you can manage is great.
  • Tap water, rainwater or even dishwater is fine. Please make sure no harsh chemicals stronger than washing-up liquid are in the mix. Please be aware that a lot of cleaning products contain bleach which long-term will be harmful to the tree.
  • Just slowly pour the water over the roots, letting the water soak deep into the soil. Also, if there's a watering tube at the base of the tree, please use that, but in extremely dry weather it is best to water over the roots then fill the water pipe.
  • It is best to water in two stages; first wet the surface to prevent run off, then water again to soak deep into the roots.
  • The best time to water is either in the early morning or in the evening. Try to avoid the hottest part of the day, although water anytime is better than no water at all.
  • Try not to water when the ground is wet and soggy. Trees can also become overwatered in poorly drained soils such as clay and heavy loam and this can lead to water logging.

Please note that it takes at least 20 minutes of continuous rain for the root ball to be sufficiently watered, if its just a small or not consistent shower of rain then it may still need your help.

View a list of young trees on highways

View the interactive map of young trees in Parks 

Tree maintenance on private land

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that plants and trees from their property do not overhang onto a pavement or street. Plants should be maintained to allow 2.5 metres vertical clearance of the footpath and vegetation below this level should be trimmed back to within the property boundary line. Trees overhanging the road should allow vertical clearance of 5 metres to allow uninterrupted passage of vehicles. Similarly, any growth below this height should be trimmed back in line with the property boundary line.

Hounslow Highways will normally inspect the site and advise the owner of the action that is required to be taken. If this is not completed, then with the help of government legislation we can serve a notice on the property owner to complete the work within a specified time. If the property owner does not carry out the work, we will do the work and bill the property owner for any costs.

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