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Reskilling the workforce to deliver green growth 

Today we held the second iLab on green growth in Hounslow. We were excited to discuss the flagship project for this stream of Hounslow’s Green Recovery: we plan to establish a Green Academy Programme. This will be a series of training and upskilling opportunities to supply the green technicians, graduates and operatives we need to fuel Hounslow’s very own Green Enterprise Zone and attract organisations to the borough and build greater employment opportunities. We also discussed how Hounslow can lead the way to green through promoting green skills opportunities as an organisation along with our partner service providers. 

Some of our other key interventions to support green growth will be: 




In today’s iLab we explored three of these interventions in more detail. The first of these was masterclasses on circular economies. We asked participants to propose early to implement ideas: 


We also looked at what we might do as part of a green skills vision and strategy:  


And finally, we discussed action points for reskilling and upskilling the workforce: