Climate emergency

Climate and Clean Air Community Reference Group (CRG)

The Climate and Clean Air Community Reference Group was formed in February 2020 and membership is made of eleven residents selected from across the borough. The remit of the Climate and Clean Air CRG is to encompass the monitoring and implementation of the CEAP and AQAP. The CRG works with the internal Council officer led Board to co-create and prioritise actions, as well as assist in increasing transparency and public understanding around the Council’s opportunities and constraints for action. The groups’ purpose is also to assist the Council in galvanising the required wider civic support necessary to deliver the ambitious changes required to respond to the declaration of an emergency. 

You can find the Climate and Clean Air Terms of Reference as a related document.

The table below summarises the dates and themes of the meetings that have taken place: 

Month and year


February 2020 Borough Vehicle Fleet
April 2020  Cancelled due to the pandemic
July 2020 Adopting the Climate Emergency Action Plan
July 2020 iLab: Green Recovery
October 2020 Business Engagement
December 2020 Communicating Climate and Clean Air
January 2021 Utilising the planning process to respond to Climate and Clean Air action
April 2021 Sustainable transport
July 202 Draft Climate and Clean Air annual report
October 2021 Energy Infrastructure: organisation, community and borough wide

We’ll be updating this page regularly so do keep checking back for more information, ideas, news and updates.

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