Statutory nuisance

Report a Statutory Nuisance

A statutory nuisance is something that causes a serious and unreasonable interference with your right to enjoy your property, or damages your health in terms of the threat of disease, rather than the risk of injury.

The nuisance must cross a boundary and must be an ongoing problem. The team cannot accept anonymous reports, as we cannot prove it crosses a boundary.

Day to day normal use of a domestic premises, made worse due to the lack of sound insulation between properties, cannot be deemed a statutory nuisance, for example odour / smells from domestic household cooking.

We have a duty to take reasonable steps to investigate allegations of statutory nuisance. We have to make a decision based on what the average reasonable person would find unacceptable, and cannot take into account individual sensitivities or personal circumstances related to ill health.

Statutory nuisance is a criminal offence.

Key considerations


The  team will take the following into consideration when assessing whether or not a nuisance exists:

  • Impact of the alleged nuisance
  • Location/character of the area
  • Time of day
  • Frequency
  • Duration
  • Custom and practice
  • Importance of the activity to the community
  • How easy it is to avoid the effects of the activity

Please click on the below link to report dust, light, odour or smoke nuisance.


Download the different templates to record the level of nuisance your experiencing 

Any details you do provide, will remain confidential at all times.

We are unable to accept anonymous complaints.

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