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Bonfires are not illegal but if they cause an odour or dust nuisance they can be dealt with under the Environmental Protection Act.

If your bonfire produces dark smoke (normally from burning plastics), it will be dealt with through the Clean Air Act 1993.

We will prosecute persistent offenders

We will issue fines up to £20,000 for commercial burning or up to £5,000 for residential bonfires.

There is no bonfire policy on allotment sites but we discourage domestic bonfires by promoting alternatives such as composting and encouraging people to sign up to the paid for Garden Waste Collection service 

Garden waste can also be taken away for composting at the Space Waye recycling facility.

Open fireplaces

The Clean Air Act enables local authorities to declare a smoke control area within which the burning of coal, wood or other non-authorised fuels on open fires is banned.

We have changed the existing smoke control orders from 2000 and have created another new order covering the whole of Hounslow.

Smoke Control Areas authorise only certain fuels to be burnt within the borough, unless using an exempt appliance. They also limit how much smoke can be released from a chimney. More information can be found here

This is to protect human health from the dangerous particulate matters that are released by burning unclean fuels.

Burning coal, wood or other unauthorised fuel on open fires or in unauthorised stoves or boilers is illegal anywhere in the borough.

We receive complaints about smoke nuisance where coal or wood is burnt on open fireplaces. Offenders are informed that their actions are illegal and this is normally sufficient to stop the practice. If necessary we will prosecute if offences are repeated.

Construction dust

Dust from construction and demolition activities can often be a problem especially during dry weather conditions.

We control the amount of dust and emissions from construction and demolition by working alongside the London Councils Best Practice Guidance.

For further information on how we advise our developers and contractors on reducing the amount of dust emission in the borough, download 'monitoring the pollutants' document, available from this page under the documents for download section.

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