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Dog Control Orders (DCOs)

Additional Dog Control Orders (DCOs) came into force within the London Borough of Hounslow on 19 August 2013. These orders bring the rest of the borough in line with orders that have been effect in Brentford ward since May 2011.

This page gives information on each order and what it means to dog owners and walkers across the borough.

Dog fouling

You must immediately pick up and remove any fouling produced by your dog (ie scoop the poop). There is very little change from the previous rules governing dog fouling but the penalties are now different.

You may use the special dog litter bins for disposing of the waste where they are provided. Otherwise it is permissible to dispose of the waste in a normal litter bin or you may take the waste home with you for disposal there.

Number of dogs you can walk

You may only walk a maximum of four dogs per person at any one time. If more than one person is walking a group of dogs then they may walk a maximum of four each.

This order has been introduced because of concerns about the lack of control that can be exerted over larger numbers of dogs being walked by a single person. Uncontrolled dogs can be a considerable nuisance to other people using the parks and open spaces.

Dogs on leads

Anyone in charge of a dog must put it on a lead when asked to do so by an authorised officer.

This measure will only be used when a dog is seen to be causing a particular nuisance as a result of not being under effective control.

Dog exclusion areas

You cannot take your dog into certain areas. These are typically children’s play areas and sports facilities.

This measure is designed to ensure that these play areas are safe for the children using them. They will also help to prevent the residual dog fouling deposits that can be left even after someone has picked up after their dog.

Areas to which these orders apply

These orders apply to all land that is open to the air and to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access.

The Dog Exclusion Orders apply to all children’s play areas, children’s playgrounds and fenced sports areas owned, managed or maintained by us.

View the lists of these areas 


These orders can be enforced by us and by the police. Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for £80 may be served on offenders although the amount payable is reduced to £50 if paid within ten days. If a person refuses to accept a FPN then they are liable for prosecution in a magistrates’ court where there is a maximum fine of £1000.

Dog identification

You are legally required to make sure your dog wears a collar and a tag whenever out and about in a public place and the tag must bear the owner’s name and address. We strongly recommended your dog is also micro-chipped. If your dog ever goes astray it can then be returned to you very quickly.

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