Pest control, welfare and DCOs

Animal welfare

Animal control officers deal with most animal-related enquiries and carry out all the following tasks:

  • collecting and receiving stray dogs
  • recording details of lost dogs
  • investigation into persistent dog fouling problems
  • investigation of certain dangerous dog issues
  • investigation of complaints of statutory nuisance caused by animals
  • promotion of responsible dog ownership
  • licensing and regulation of animal establishments
  • micro-chipping of dogs
  • enforcing dog control orders

The animal control team will lead on welfare related issues at premises where it has a legal duty to do so. These are agricultural premises where livestock is kept; cattle, sheep, pigs for example or licensed animal premises such as pet shops, boarding kennels and catteries.

However, we do not generally deal with welfare issues of neglect and ill-treatment other than in the circumstances stated above. Please contact the RSPCA if you are concerned about such matters.


We have received many enquiries about horse welfare in recent months where horses are either placed onto small plots of enclosed land or tethered on open land. Tethering horses are controlled by legislation but is not necessarily illegal. Further information is available on the RSPCA website and any complaints about the welfare of horses in these circumstances should be directed to them.

Contact us

Animal Control Team
London Borough of Hounslow
Bridge Road Depot
Pears Road
Tel: 020 8583 2000
Tel: 020 8583 2222 (out of hours for stray dogs only)


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