Local Authority Emergency Assistance Grant for food and essential supplies

Working in partnership with Liberata, the Local Authority Emergency Assistance Grant supports people who are struggling to afford food and other essentials due to current COVID-19 pandemic.

Who can apply for this grant

To qualify for the grant, you will need to be a London Borough of Hounslow resident.

A Hounslow resident is someone who is living in the borough and can provide documentary evidence to confirm their address or has secured a private tenancy from which they can provide evidence of residency in the Borough.

To qualify for this grant, you must be able to prove and provide one of the below as evidence.

You have

  • applied for Universal Credit or Housing benefit and awaiting the processing of the claim;
  • successfully claimed Universal Credit or Housing benefits;
  • been asked to self-isolate by a Test & Trace service and this has significantly reduced your household income; or
  • household income that has been significantly reduced as a result of the corona virus, so that the household is struggling to meet the needs of a family member who has higher than average living costs due to a disability or ill health.

You will also be required to provide supporting documents as listed below: only provide the evidence that matches your circumstances

  • a recent bank statement to show reduction in income.  This will also be used to confirm your bank details
  • evidence of an application for benefits evidence of being asked to self-isolate
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