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We will not be able to accept applications after Friday 15 March 2024 and the funding will be closing on 31 March 2024. This will give us the time to deal with all the applications in the allocated time.

Please note: that we will continue to support you with your Council Tax, rental liability and household furniture and refurbished white goods.  

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The Household Support Fund is a fund that aims to help those individuals struggling to pay for food, energy, or other essential items. The fund has been awarded by the DWP to help those in need and most affected by the cost-of-living crisis to support them to resolve their financial issues.

 The funding is available until March 2024.

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You may make an application if you have not received support from the Fund in the past 12 months.

Due to the volume of applications being received it may take up to two weeks to process.

We do not accept multiple applications to the Fund, making repeat applications will only cause delay in getting support to others in need.

If you live with a spouse or partner, you must make a joint application for your household, even if your spouse/partner is not applying. Your eligibility will depend on your partner’s income and savings, as well as your own.

You are eligible to access this support through the Household Support Fund if all the following apply to you (and your spouse/partner):

  • currently live in Hounslow
  • have £6,000 or less in money, savings, and investments
  • you do not need to be in receipt of benefits.  With this fund we can help anyone who is on a low income
  • you will need to provide proof of your utility bills showing that you are in arrears with your payments. 
  • If you are struggling to pay for food, you need to explain why you are unable to manage on the income you have.

If you are paid monthly the figures are before any tax due. You MUST include all sources of income. This includes for example, benefits, pensions, students, or dependents fund and income from property or other investments.

Download and complete the Household support fund application form

Please complete the form online and email across to remember you must provide proof of your utility bills.

Post your form

You can download, print  and complete the form.

Please send the form to:

Client Unit
London Borough of Hounslow
Hounslow House, Bath Road

Telephone no: 0208 583 4787

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