Request a larger black wheelie bin

You can request a larger black wheelie bin if yours is too small.

You can also order additional recycling boxes if yours aren't big enough to fit your recyclable materials.

Most homes have a standard 140L black wheelie bin. In the right circumstances, we will provide either:

  • a larger 240L wheelie bin
  • another 140L wheelie bin

Our larger bin policy explains the circumstances in which we will provide a larger or additional wheelie bin.

What we'll do

After your request, we will make an assessment of your circumstances. This might include visiting your property to make sure you are recycling as much as possible. It might be that you need replacement or additional recycling boxes, rather than more space for non-recyclable rubbish.

We may ask for information to support your application. You must provide this within 28 calendar days of being asked. If you do not provide information we ask for, we will cancel your application.

We regularly review households with a larger or additional wheelie bin to make sure they still need the extra capacity. When we decide there is no longer any need, we remove the larger or additional bin and replace it with one standard 140L bin. It is your responsibility to advise us of any changes in circumstances.

Request a larger or additional wheelie bin

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