Christmas collections 2019/20

Recycle right this Christmas!

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At Christmas you will inevitably create more waste be it wrapping paper, packaging or even food. Therefore, it is important that you dispose of this correctly!

You can order additional recycling containers here

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you waste less and recycle more this Christmas:

  • Make sure your fridge is set at less than 5°C to keep your food fresher for longer. If you are unsure of the temperature of your fridge go to for more details.
  • Transform your Christmas dinner leftovers into delicious dishes, visit for recipe ideas.
  • Avoid shiny, glittery or foil wrapping paper as this cannot be recycled.
  • Before recycling wrapping paper, do the scrunch test - if it stays scunched then it can be recycled but remember to remove sticky tape and decorations.
  • Cardboard boxes must be flattened and pieces should be no bigger than 70x70cm in order to fit within recycling vehicles.
  • Keep all plastic wrapping and film out of your recycling, as this clogs up our recycling processing equipment. To find out more information about disposing of this type of plastic please visit
  • Do not put old batteries into your recycling. You can take them to any local retailer that sells batteries, as they will collect for disposal. More information can be found at
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