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I’m worried about being evicted

If you’re threatened with eviction and are worried your landlord is not acting legally then we can help. Please contact us immediately, as we have specialist trained officers who can advise you.

For more information on repossessions, emergency housing and evictions

My property needs repairs

If you are a Hounslow Council Tenant, please contact your Housing Officer for any advice and support you need. 

If you are renting your home from a private landlord, knowing what your landlord should repair and what you are responsible for can be very confusing. You can find information about who is responsible on repairs. 

I want to find privately rented accommodation

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to join alternative schemes to find you settled accommodation more quickly in other parts of London, or further afield.

What support can the Council give me? 

If you decide to look for privately rented accommodation, depending on your circumstances, the Council may be able to provide some of the following assistance: 

  • one month rent in advance 
  • security deposit paid 
  • landlord compliance check 
  • longest possible tenancy terms 
  • pre-inspection of the property 
  • practical and financial help with removals 
  • transport costs for viewing and moving if outside of London 
  • financial assistance to provide white goods if they aren’t provided by the landlord 

How can I look for a property? 

There are several websites where you can start to look for a property. A good starting point is: 

You can also contact and visit estate agents to find out about the type of properties that they have on offer. 

You may need to make sure that the landlord accepts tenants who are in receipt of benefits. 

I’m a current social tenant, what options do I have to find a new property?

We have a number of schemes available for current social tenants who would like to move out of their property.  If you are a Hounslow Council Tenant, please contact your Housing Officer for any advice and support you need. 

  • Swap your property with another council tenant in Hounslow 

As a social tenant, you can apply to exchange properties with other council tenants within the borough or with tenants from another council, housing association or other housing providers. 

You can find further information about swapping your home here. 

  • Swap your property with another council tenant in other parts of England 

HomeSwapper can help you to swap your council or housing association home with other social tenants with over 20,000 properties available. 

  • I’m over the age of 55, what options do I have? 

If you are over 55 you can bid for social properties which are age-restricted and so you might be able to move into them more quickly than a standard property. 
If you are over 60, the Seaside and Country Homes Scheme is open to Council or housing association tenants who live in London and want to relocate the countryside or the coast. All applicants must be at least 55 years of age and capable of independent living. 
Find out more by contacting – 020 8356 5751/7232 or visit Seaside and Country Homes

Other available schemes

If you don’t currently have an existing social tenancy, we recommend registering with Homefinder UK and Homehunt to help you find affordable properties across the UK.    

Homefinder UK is a national housing mobility scheme available to anyone willing to move nationwide including: 

  • homeless household applicants living in temporary accommodation
  • private sector tenants threatened with homelessnes
  • victims of domestic abuse and groomin overcrowded families and social tenants

Other support and advice services

There are other support and advice services that can help you to understand your options.

These include:

  • Shelter  - a national charity with housing advice on a range of issues
  • Citizen’s Advice  -  impartial advice and information about housing, benefits, debt, work and more
  • Centrepoint  - help and support for young people aged 18 - 25
  • Homeless link - charity working with the homelessness sector to make services better.
  • Crisis - charity helping homeless people or people at risk of becoming homeless

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