Protocol for new/uncontracted homecare providers

Background information

The London Borough of Hounslow contracts directly with a total of 17 providers of home care throughout the Borough, seven “main” and a further ten “Select list” providers.

Select List providers were appointed to absorb any work which the main providers are unable to accept due to capacity restrictions. All 17 of these providers were appointed following two separate procurement exercises (in 2018 and 2020) which involved seeking applications from interested parties via the London Tender Portal. The resulting contracts are due to expire in November 2025.

Spot Provision

The combination of both the main and select list providers are able to meet the demand for Home Care within the Borough. However, there are exceptional occasions when our providers are unable to meet our requirements, albeit very infrequently. In these circumstances we may approach a non-contracted “spot” provider to assist us.

If we utilise a spot provider, LBH will pay up to a maximum of £19.00 p/h hour for each carer employed on the care call. This applies to weekdays, weekends, and Bank Holidays. Care is commissioned in minutes and will be paid for in minutes. E.g. if LBH commissioned a 30 minute call, and the actual care visit lasted 20 minutes, we would pay for 20 minutes pro rata to the hourly rate. In this instance £6.33. 


  • All providers must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to deliver homecare to adults 18+; and
  • All providers must have had an inspection resulting in a current rating of Good or Outstanding.  

If you are a provider wishing to work with the London Borough of Hounslow in the provision of homecare to 18+ noncomplex adults you must have met both of these conditions before contacting our brokerage Team Manager.

If you have met the requirements, email Martyn Lewis with the following details:

  • Contact details for your organisation (Name, email, telephone, address)
  • Confirmation that you are registered with the CQC and are currently rated as Good or Outstanding
  • Bank details and copy of business letterhead
  • A brief summary about your organisation, the areas of the borough you are able to provide care within and any other information you believe we should be aware of.

All enquires relating to sourcing work as a spot provider must go through this channel and no additional representations should be made to other local authority officers.

The submission of these details/meeting of requirements does not guarantee that work will be placed with your organisation and does not form a contract between the provider and the London Borough of Hounslow.

Allocation of work

Whilst we are happy to be contacted by new providers, we must stress that as we are not facing capacity issues our main and select list providers will be receiving all packages of care.  It is unlikely that any work will be placed with Spot providers.

Where there is a requirement for work to be placed outside of the main contracted providers, you will be contacted by the brokerage officers with details of the POC.


We recommend that providers consider utilising CarePlace.  CarePlace is a free on-line information and advice directory managed by the London Borough of Hounslow in partnership with 5 other London boroughs. It covers Council services, voluntary organisations, local providers, and support groups. Available 24/7 it offers support to Hounslow citizens across many subjects including adult social care, housing, money management, employment, education, leisure, health, and wellbeing. 

We also recommend that providers wishing to work with the London Borough of Hounslow in a larger capacity consider submitting a bid when the procurement for the new contract opens in 2025 (date to be confirmed).  Providers are recommended to register on the London Tenders portal to ensure they are notified of these opportunities when they arise.

Updated 05/10/23

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