Refugee Resettlement in Hounslow

Hounslow has a long-standing reputation of being open and welcoming to migrants and refugees, especially those fleeing conflict in hope of a better life. The refugee crisis in Europe continues to get worse, and as conflicts escalate and become more turbulent in many countries, more and more individuals and families are seeking sanctuary elsewhere.

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Wider refugee resettlement work in Hounslow

As well as our work supporting asylum seekers accommodated in the borough, and those coming into Hounslow via the Homes for Ukraine scheme there are a number of other resettlement schemes that have underpinned our response to refugee resettlement in the borough. 

UK Resettlement Scheme (2021)

This scheme consolidates the Vulnerable Persons’ Resettlement Scheme (VPRS), Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme (VCRS) and Gateway Protection Programme. The scheme is open to refugees identified by UNHCR to be in need of resettlement because of their vulnerability and does not have a specific geographical focus. 

Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children (UASC)

Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) are children and young people who are seeking asylum in the UK who have been separated from their parents or carers. While their claim is processed, they are cared for by the local authority. 

Hong Kong Resettlement Scheme

From January 2021, eligible people living in Hong Kong have been able to apply for a Hong Kong British National (Overseas) visa to come and live and work in the UK for an initial period of 30 months. 

Vulnerable Persons’ Resettlement Scheme (VPRS)

This scheme came to an end in 2020, replaced by the UK Resettlement Scheme (see above). However, it was this scheme that was expanded in 2015 to resettle Syrian refugees. Hounslow Council is supporting a number of Syrian families to resettle in the borough. 

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