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Nominations for One Hounslow Community Stars Awards 2023 is now closed.

Thank you for all of your nominations. To find out who received Community Stars Awards, please see our news article.


One Hounslow Community Stars recognises residents, groups, organisations, and businesses who have gone above and beyond for the community. 

There is a huge amount of work being carried out for the benefit of Hounslow’s diverse population every day, with dedicated, selfless people supporting residents in a myriad of ways.  One Hounslow Community Stars will recognise these efforts by sharing stories, celebrating remarkable residents and the community groups and businesses that seek to bring our borough together in true one Hounslow style.

There are no set categories for which you have to nominate an individual or organisation, but below are themes to show the type of people we want to recognise and to help guide your nomination. An individual or group may meet one or several themes. What matters is that you feel they make an outstanding contribution to our borough and its communities.  

Community & Neighbourhood

Those who help their neighbours, create community spirit and foster a local support network. Could include galvanising people and organisations to work in partnership; building trust between people; supporting others to reach their potential whatever their background.   


Someone who’s driven to improve their local area, supporting and educating communities to think green, respect their environment and work together. Could include addressing environmental challenges through creative new ideas or approaches.

Social Enterprise

A local business which gives back, supporting residents, communities or its neighbourhood beyond its core business. Perhaps they provide jobs, training or other opportunities to disadvantaged groups, or offer community initiatives or support. 

Young Leader

An under 25-year-old who goes above and beyond for their community or peers. Full of energy and heart, they might help those less fortunate than themselves, have raised awareness and support for a local cause, or be leading the way on improving their local area.

Arts & Culture

A person or group which not only enriches our borough and the lives of others through culture, but goes further. Perhaps they have schemes which connect people to art and culture who may otherwise miss out, provide opportunities to aspiring artists to flourish, or run programmes to support their local community.  

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