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Creating healthy opportunities for your communities

Can you help people in your local community to lead healthier and happier lives?

Are you able to give up a few hours of your time to help improve the quality of life for everyone in our borough?

Then why not join our Community Connectors Programme and do something that will make a real difference? 

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What are Community Connectors? 

As the coronavirus pandemic hit our borough, Hounslow Council and its partners quickly realised that keeping everyone in our community safe was going to be a team effort. 

We put a call out for community-minded people across Hounslow to come forward to help pass on vital information about the virus and how to stay safe. 

More than 100 people across the borough came forward to help. 

Their actions throughout the pandemic and beyond are helping to protect vulnerable residents in Hounslow

The Community Champions were one of our borough’s most effective assets during the pandemic…and they continue to be. 

The Future 

Based on the success of our Community Champions, we now want to expand the programme to create a network of health and wellbeing ambassadors across Hounslow. 

The great work of our Champions continues but now we want to include wider information about how people in Hounslow can improve their health and how we can improve health services.

The pandemic has taught us that there are consequences if we do not effectively and adequately address the existing health inequalities.

Better health for everyone means a more active and thriving community. 

The new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2025 sets out  priorities including to reduce health inequalities and supporting people to be connected and part of a community. The strategy sets out that the Community Connectors programme is a key action to delivery against this.

Our new Community Connectors will be on the frontline in the battle for better health in our borough. 

The Community Connectors will provide information for you to share with your community about issues such as: 

  • Support to achieving a healthy weight.
  • How to find help with quitting smoking. 
  • Support for people with diabetes. 
  • Support with cutting down on alcohol.
  • Support for carers.
  • Where to find help with mental health issues. 

And much more…

The Community Connectors will keep their communities informed about upcoming events and activities that support healthy lifestyles.

Things like: 

  • Accessible exercise session. 
  • Wellbeing events linked to issues such as cost of living support. 
  • How to access services provided by Hounslow Council and its health and care partners. 

As part of the aim to reduce health inequalities in Hounslow, Community Connectors inform us about ways services and information can be improved to become more acceptable and approachable for your community.

What You Will Do 

How much time you devote to your Community Connectors role is up to you. Some connectors simply share information received in newsletters with their communities ensuring residents have the latest information on how to stay healthy. Others connect with us on a regular basis to help improve the access to and experience of services and health communications. 

Any time you can spare is greatly appreciated. 

What will Hounslow Public Health Do

We will provide you with regular updates through our Community Connectors newsletter as well as any resources you may need to provide others with information. 

We will organise events either online or in person, once a quarter to provide information on a variety of health information. Attendance is optional. 

We will work with you to understand the needs of your community and work together to develop solutions.  

What’s In It For you? 

There can be few greater feelings than knowing you have made a positive impact on the lives of others who need your help.

Being a Community Connector is a great way to engage with the public services in our borough that are working to improve life in Hounslow.

Community Connectors may also be able to access training and professional development opportunities that will look great on a CV and could boost your employment prospects.

Above all our borough needs you. 

The Council and its partners are working hard but cannot resolve all the issues facing Hounslow on their own. 

If we are truly to make our borough a happier, healthier place and safeguard our communities for generations to come, then we all have a part to play. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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