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World Breastfeeding Week 2022

1st – 7th of August is World Breastfeeding Week. This year, we are celebrating the ‘warm chain of support for breastfeeding’. Below you can find stories from 5 local mums and families on their breastfeeding journeys.

More information is available on the World Breastfeeding Week website.

Khya and Amelia’s story

We asked Khya how she feels about breastfeeding her baby, Amelia.

Halima’s story

“I became a mother in 2019 to a wonderful daughter and throughout my pregnancy I never even thought of an option other than breastfeeding.

"The first few days were not as easy as I thought due to there not being enough milk and the latch, but luckily my midwife and family helped a lot in coping with the stress of breastfeeding.

"After a few days of getting a comfortable position for my baby and me, I started enjoying breastfeeding time. As time passed I became a pro, and it was just fun.

"I breastfed my little one for 18 months and I stopped it because I was 3 months pregnant. Yes, you can breastfeed while pregnant and there is enough milk! It was hard stopping breastfeeding as she really enjoyed it, but eventually she accepted that it is time to grow up.

"I honestly miss the breastfeeding time with my girl. Sometimes I felt like our bond reduced. I started doing other things with her more, but I came to realize that my girl was okay. In 2020, I was blessed with a beautiful son.

"My experience with breastfeeding was fun as now I knew what to expect and how to deal with it. Currently he is 19 months old and still enjoying breastfeeding. My experience with my second-born is just the same as the first-born apart from the beginning. With the second born everything was smooth due to experience, unlike the firstborn who I had a little bit of difficulty for a few days. My main concern is about public breastfeeding as there are not enough breastfeeding facilities, especially in supermarkets. Generally, I love breastfeeding and would always encourage it.”

Jas and Elyisha’s story

We asked Jas about her breastfeeding journey with her baby, Elyisha, and what advice she would give to other families.

Ana and Isabelle’s story

Ana tells us about her breastfeeding story with her baby, Isabelle.

Ana’s funny story

Ana tells us a funny story about breastfeeding her baby, Isabelle.


Nix, Ollie and Sebby’s story

What’s been your favourite thing about breastfeeding your baby, Sebby, so far?

Nix: My favourite thing I think is the closeness. It really does feel like it's a bonding experience and I love it when he's got his eyes open even though he’s not looking at me, he’s looking around and I find that really sweet. Also, that my body is nourishing him, I find that so amazing and that it knows how to adapt based on things like the weather and all these crazy things. Also, all the antibodies he’s getting. I just find it so fascinating!

Ollie: I think for me it's seeing the bonding experience between Nix and Sebby, that's really special to watch. Nix’s immune system is really helping Sebby with all the antibodies, it’s amazing. I like seeing the mother-son bonding experience and, like Nix says, how she's nourishing our little boy so it’s definitely a really positive thing.


Do you have any funny breastfeeding stories?

Both: The poo-namis!

Nix: What goes in must come out I suppose!


If you were to give some advice to some other mums and other families that were thinking of breastfeeding or were struggling or apprehensive, what would you say?

Ollie: Persevere!

Nix: Keep going with it if you can, get help early on, that's like the key thing because I'm not naturally someone who’ll ask for help, but if the help is there then use it. I think these groups are amazing, just get someone to help you out with it. I can totally see why people might give up on it because it’s demanding, it's tiring, the middle of the night is hard work, but I think it’s about just trusting that it will get easier.

Ollie: From a partner’s perspective, we can't breastfeed but there are things that we can do to help facilitate that for mum, like being up in the night, changing the nappies, getting the breast pump, and getting a few muslins and the change of clothes. That really helps. Mum can then focus on the breastfeeding, otherwise it can become overwhelming, it feels like there’s so much to do! The less she is stressed, the less the baby is stressed and that all helps with the oxytocin.


What were your experiences with seeking breastfeeding support?

Nix: We did an NCT breastfeeding workshop which was informative. The midwives were really lovely at West Mid when they were on hand to help me out. This is the first time I've kind of actively sought support.

Ollie: We have lots of friends and family who have been in a similar position to us, asking them for help and recommendations is always good. We called the NCT breastfeeding helpline once, they're really helpful. If you're unsure just ask for help, don't struggle through.

Nix: Yeah, it’s so normal to struggle so don't feel bad. You aren’t doing anything wrong.


Where can I find breastfeeding support in Hounslow?

More breastfeeding support can be found on our Weaning and Breastfeeding page as well as our infant feeding section.




NCT Baby Cafés with breastfeeding counsellors, Liz and Geraldine  

Four breastfeeding support drop-ins at Beavers children's centre, Alf Kings children’s centre, Lampton children’s centre, and South Isleworth children’s centre  


Hounslow Baby Cafés – supporting parents to feed their baby | NCT  


Maternity Infant Feeding  

Antenatal: Breastfeeding Workshops (booked via Eventbrite)  


Antenatal: Early Days (booked via Eventbrite)  


Infant Feeding Padlet, video tutorials and information on positioning, attachment etc.  


Complex breastfeeding clinic run by infant feeding co-ordinators at maternity for families with more complex feeding needs and challenges  


Postnatal: midwives and MSWs do home visits for up to 6 weeks postpartum  


Postnatal breastfeeding support groups coming soon    


Feeding and Nurturing your Baby (  




Booked via maternity service  







Via maternity service  

Children’s Centres  

Weekly drop-in groups such as Stay and Play, Young Parents Group, Non-Walkers. All children’s centre staff UNICEF Baby Friendly trained and able to provide breastfeeding support  

Hounslow Family Service Directory  

Reach Children’s Hub  

Free antenatal infant feeding support, and postnatal infant feeding support with Rachael, via telephone. Antenatal education classes to develop parents’ ability to make informed decisions, connecting postnatal parents through WhatsApp groups and drop in weekly coffee mornings, providing five-week baby massage courses to support parents to use nurturing touch with their babies.  

Reach Children's Hub - Registration Form (  

Health Visiting  

Antenatal, New Baby, 6-8 Week Check, 1 Year Review and 2 Year Review ‘visits’ (in person, some virtual) for all Hounslow pregnant women and new families, all Health Visitors and Family Nurses trained in UNICEF Baby Friendly and can provide support and advice  

Via health visiting, referred from maternity service  

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