Hounslow Borough Based Partnership: End of Year 2021 2022

Alongside their core duties, Hounslow Council, Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare (HCRH), West London Trust, West Middlesex University Hospital, and the borough's five Primary Care Networks work together as a Borough Based Partnership (BBP) to support Hounslow residents to live happier, healthier lives.

The BBP, formerly known as the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), has a specific focus on:

  • Public Health and Prevention
  • Mental Health
  • Hospital Prevention and Discharge
  • Children with SEND and complex needs
  • Access to hospital services

This report is an overview of the BBP's priorities and achievements  over the past 12 months.

We're inviting you to read and share this report to gain a deeper understanding of how the BBP works and how it’s delivering on its mission to create the best health and wellbeing outcomes for the population.

If you're an employee within the BBP, we hope that you will find this report helpful in understanding the principles, behaviours and commitments that unite the partners as they work together.

If you're a partner organisation, this report provides a top-level overview of how all the workstreams fit together and background information of the BBP to share with employees, partners and stakeholders.

If you're a resident, thank you for your interest in the BBP's work as we are committed to engaging with as many service users, communities and individuals as possible to help shape, influence and inform the design of our local health and wellbeing services. 

Read the report

Visit this page for future updates on the upcoming BBP website.

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