Green Infrastructure Strategy

The Green Infrastructure strategy is part of Hounslow’s Greener Borough framework and a key document that will play an important part in the borough’s green recovery.  Green and blue infrastructure (GBI) is well recognised as an essential component of resilient, healthy and sustainable communities

This Strategy will help to address issues facing the borough, including the climate emergency and the health, social and economic crises as a result of COVID-19. The Strategy will help to support a Green Recovery in Hounslow by providing a vision and framework for GBI developed in consultation with key stakeholders. It establishes GBI as of equal importance to ‘grey’ infrastructure and the built environment, and will help to bring consideration of GBI to the forefront of planning decisions in the borough.

The key aims of the GBI Strategy are as follows:

  • Identify and provide an assessment of the green and blue infrastructure network;
  • Set out the key drivers and ‘needs’ for GBI in the borough;
  • Identify areas of deficiency in terms of quality, value and accessibility;
  • Identify priority areas and areas of opportunity. To include improvements to existing GBI and new GBI;
  • Set out mechanisms for deliver. To include priority projects, actions and partnership working

Hounslow Green and Blue Infrastructure - Strategy

Hounslow Green and Blue Infrastructure - Validation Consultation Report

Hounslow Green and Blue Infrastructure - Executive Summary

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