Calling all businesses

Picking up litter and staying safe

We’re asking you to pick-up litter, up and down your street.

This includes,

  • Picking up litter near to your business, especially if it’s something like a sweet wrapper or take away packaging that could have come from your business.
  • Tackling litter hotspots, for example, a nearby bus stop with lots of litter.
  • Picking up dropped litter, at least once a day, when it’s a noticeable problem. More will be a bonus, especially at peak litter times.
  • Make sure you stay safe, keeping at least 2 metres from other people when picking up litter, and wearing gloves.

Once you’ve picked up, and bagged litter, dispose or recycle it as part of your trade waste using a licensed waste carrier.

More on disposing business or commercial waste

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