Calling all businesses

The campaign: what your business commits to

The campaign is open to all businesses – and we welcome any business that wants to do its part - but we especially want to encourage takeaways, off-licences, newsagents, cafes and supermarkets to help keep our streets free of litter and dumped waste.

To sign-up, you commit to six voluntary-actions (see below): to keep the area around your business free of litter, as well as nearby litter-hotspots,

  1. Pick-up litter:  pick-up litter near your business, at least once a day, and dispose of it/recycle it as part of your business waste collection. Litter includes items such as crisp packets, cans, cigarette butts and fast-food packaging. This includes any nearby litter hotpots on the high street.
  2. Promote the campaign: proudly promote the campaign and display campaign materials; so that everyone sees you are taking part.  And you’ll encourage other businesses to get involved and support the campaign, keeping the area litter-free.
  3. Keep waste on-site: keep trade waste on your premises, until it's time to be collected. Rubbish on the pavement makes the area look messy and no one likes an untidy street, it's not good for business..
  4. Check waste carrier: use a licensed waste carrier to collect your business waste. This can be checked on the Environment Agency Website.
  5. Report Littering and fly-tipping offences, via the 'FixMyStreet' app (via Apple app store and Google Play) or online via
  6. Ask customers to bin it: encourage your customers to bin their litter and display the campaign 'Bin It' posters.

In return, you’ll receive campaign materials to show your commitment to the local area – we want to help you show customers, residents and the local community what a great place this is, and help everyone take pride in the local area.

To sign the campaign, complete our online form today.

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