Calling all businesses

About the business Cleaner Greener campaign

If you run a business in Hounslow, we invite you to sign-up to the ‘Cleaner Greener Hounslow campaign’ to keep our high streets and town centres litter-free and looking at their best; in return you will receive FREE publicity.

We understand that running a business is a challenge, especially in the times that we’re faced with now. This is why we are inviting businesses to sign-up to the campaign; we want to do all that we can to support local businesses and encourage people to visit their local shops and town centres.

The idea behind the business campaign is simple. We’re asking your business to help pick-up litter on the high street and in return we’ll promote your business and support for the campaign.

It won’t take up much of your time, as we’re asking all local businesses to get involved.

And there are many benefits. A clean and tidy high street is good for business and attracting customers, after all, no one wants to shop where it’s messy and untidy. Your business will also benefit from campaign publicity, as we’ll make sure that we highlight what you’re doing for your local community.

Initially the campaign will focus on Bath Road and St. John’s Road, but all businesses are welcome to sign up to the campaign.

Together we can all make a real difference; encouraging people to shop locally and enjoy our local communities.

Thank you for your support.

You can sign-up today, by completing our short online form.

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