Online forms: Order an additional or replacement container

Order an additional or replacement container form

If you live in the borough you can recycle a wide range of materials using the recycling containers provided.  Typically over half of the waste in your black wheelie bin could be recycled.

Please wait until you have used the new weekly service for a few weeks before contacting us to request extra recycling boxes so you can be sure of your needs.  Please also ensure you are ‘washing and squashing’ plastics, cans etc. and flattening cardboard to make the best use of space in your boxes. 

Until the end of August you will be able to order one additional box of each colour per household.  This restriction will mean that everyone who requests an additional box should have it delivered within 14 days.

Each box has a capacity of 55 litres so you should already have 165 litre of capacity with one RED, BLUE and GREEN box which should be sufficient for most people.  This is larger than the capacity of the standard black wheelie bin (140 litres). If you were to order one of each box you would have a total capacity of 330 litres.

Remember that you can order a kitchen caddy and/or a food waste collection bin if you do not have these to deal with you food waste.

Please use this form to order additional or replacement recycling containers.  If you are requesting a container to replace a damaged one then you will need to leave this available for collection.

Please email for all enquiries about the garden waste service and replacement bins or sacks.