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West London Food Scraps are Helping Reduce Emissions and Save Money

Hounslow Council has teamed up with West London Waste Authority to encourage residents to recycle more food waste. It’s part of a six-borough wide campaign to increase food waste recycling, tackle climate change and save taxpayer’s money – and it’s the first of its kind in London.

Published: Monday, 24th February 2020


What will happen to my food waste?

Food waste is collected by Recycle 360 as part of your recycling collection and taken to our transfer station in Brentford. Biocollector trucks then collect the food waste and take it to the anaerobic digestion plant in Mitcham where it’s composted in large, sealed containers. The end products are biogas, used to fuel the trucks and generate electricity for west London homes, and digestate that is, used as a fertilizer in local farms and parks.

Why should I recycle my food waste?

Food waste currently makes up 30 per cent of all residual black bin waste, costing the council to collect, transport and incinerate as part of the energy from waste process.

  • In the UK we throw out 7.1 million tonnes of food every year, 70 per cent of this is avoidable
  • This waste equates to around £700 per year for the average household
  • If each west London household recycled just 2kg of food waste per week, it would save 600,000 tonnes of CO² per year

In Hounslow, the new Biocollectors partnership will play a key part in achieving the London wide municipal waste recycling target of 65 per cent by 2030, as well as to reduce the borough’s overall CO² emissions.

Councillor Guy Lambert, Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling and Trading Companies at Hounslow Council said:

“Many Hounslow residents show a great commitment to recycling but in Hounslow and across the nation we need to do much more, and for everybody to take part; this food waste initiative is a great opportunity to recycle more, help reduce greenhouse gases and save money.

“It’s really encouraging that the food we recycle is powering the Biocollector trucks and producing green byproducts such as biogas and fertiliser - further reducing emissions in our borough.”

How do I get involved if haven’t recycled my food waste before?

If you are currently unable to recycle your food waste and receive a kerbside recycling collection, then until 30 April and whilst stocks last, you can order a free indoor 5L caddy, outdoor 23L caddy and receive additional compostable liners to start your food waste recycling journey. If you live in a flat, then food waste recycling is on its way - so look out for more information over the coming months.

For more details and to order your food waste kit visit

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