Hounslow Council want to ensure that everyone has a Good Night Out on Chiswick High Road

As part of Hounslow Council’s work to implement the Mayor’s Women’s Night Safety Charter, the borough has partnered with the Good Night Out campaign to offer training to licensed venues,

Published: Friday, 10th January 2020

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As part of Hounslow Council’s work to implement the Mayor’s Women’s Night Safety Charter, the borough has partnered with the Good Night Out campaign to offer training to five licensed venues on Chiswick High Road.

Specialist facilitators will work with managers and staff of licensed premises to help them to better understand, respond to and ultimately prevent sexual harassment and assault taking place on their premises.

The Good Night Out Campaign CIC began in 2014 as a grassroots movement responding to sexual violence in nightlife communities. They work for safer nightlife and believe that a night out should be about fun and freedom, not fear. Their accreditation programme offers venues, pubs, clubs, event organisers and other nightlife organisations, ongoing specialist guidance to help them effectively challenge sexual harassment and assault on their premises. This is achieved through posters, clear policy and procedure, plus an interactive on-site training workshop, delivered by specialist facilitators, aimed at increasing confidence and skills for staff and security.

Hounslow Council wants to ensure that everyone can enjoy a night out without harassment, irrespective of gender, sexuality, background, race or religion.

The free training sessions are available to all licensed premises on Chiswick High Road and the surrounding streets. If you are interested in participating or would like more details on the scheme, please email enquiries@investhounslow.com

Councillor Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Communities and Workforce at Hounslow Council said:

“Hounslow is committed to ending violence against women and girls within our locality. Good Night Out training will complement our approach to dealing with this issue and our commitment to the Women’s Night Safety Charter.

Our Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Plan 2019-2021 commits us to reduce the prevalence of all forms of violence against women and girls across the borough.”

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council said:

“Chiswick High Road is a popular destination and the council wants to support its night time economy. We hope this training will be welcomed by licensed premises and will contribute to providing a safe environment for everyone to enjoy Chiswick in the evening.

Co-founder and Managing Director Bryony Beynon said

“Whether you’re winding down at the pub, watching your favourite band or celebrating with friends, all of us deserve safety from harassment on nights out. It’s not ‘just banter’, it’s never okay and for women and LGBTQ+ people in particular, it’s still all too common.

“Limiting our choices by telling us what not to wear, how much to drink and where not to go isn’t the answer.  Instead of blaming those who are targeted, at Good Night Out we put the focus on changing the social attitudes that enable harassers.

“We give venues and event organisers; policies, procedures, and posters that let everyone know they will be believed and listened to if they come forward to ask for support. Every unwanted touch or harmful comment is a choice. People can make different choices: changing culture and challenging this unacceptable behaviour, so we can all have a Good Night Out.”

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