Hounslow asks residents to be courteous to neighbours and be mindful of pets with firework displays

As Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night approach, Hounslow Council is reminding residents to be mindful of their neighbours and their pets when letting off fireworks.

Published: Wednesday, 30th October 2019

Fireworks display

A number of residents have complained about excessive noise, damage to property and in one instance, a danger to other people. 

Cllr Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Workforce and Communities at Hounslow Council said: “It is certainly worth noting, that not everyone in the community is a fireworks fan, so if residents are holding Halloween or bonfire night parties, please do consider your neighbours’ well-being and do make sure your pets are in a safe place while it is all going on. 

“Currently there are no restrictions on the sale of fireworks other than prohibiting the sale of them to anyone under 18 years old. This means that people are permitted to purchase and use fireworks in residential areas. Throwing or setting off fireworks in the street is regarded by the police as a serious offence, and if you witness this taking place I would advise you call 101 to report the incident”. 

“The use of fireworks is prohibited between the hours of 11pm until 7am, with the exception of a few days throughout the year, including Diwali, where fireworks are permitted to be used until 1am. These restrictions are enforced by the Metropolitan Police Service. The council can take action against noise nuisance, but a one-off fireworks event would not constitute this. 

“In addition, the Council has arranged for extra enforcement patrols on housing estates for Halloween, Saturday night and on Tuesday 5 November, to keep residents safe and deter any potential ASB.”  

Under UK law, traders must apply for a licence to the council to supply fireworks all year round. For more information log on to: fireworks licensing page


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