Tricks and treats for Halloween in Hounslow

Halloween does not need to be a nightmare! Simply follow these tricks and tips to minimise the impact on the environment, so no need to make it especially ‘unearthly’.

Published: Wednesday, 30th October 2019


And remember......Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.



Every year so much pumpkin is wasted! Check out what you can do instead of throwing it away.

  • Turn it into lovely soup! Here's the Love Food Hate Waste recipe for pumpkin soup -
  • Don't dump those pumpkin seeds after carving! Clean, salt and roast them for a real treat.
  • Create a Pumpkin Birdfeeder. Slice the top off a pumpkin to where there are no holes to make a bird feeder. Add some string so that the feeder can hang from a branch or plant hanger. Fill with birdseed to attract your favourite feathered friends.
  • If you don’t reuse your pumpkin, put it in your food waste bin or home compost.
  • Next year try growing your own organic pumpkins in an allotment, a school, or a garden for an especially green Halloween!


There are so many ways to make fun decorations! Here's how...

  • Use the cardboard insides of your loo roll and paint them! You could turn them into ghosts or witches, zombies or whatever your like.
  • If you know people who enjoy Halloween as much as you, you could swap your decorations each year to stop you having to buy more.
  • Nice and simple - create bed sheet ghosts from sheets you don't mind cutting up or painting.
  • Avoid cheap plastic toys and look for items with minimal packaging.

Get creative with costumes

Costumes, once the preserve of trick or treating children, are now worn by adults of all ages – and even pets. This can prove expensive, and the materials used are often not recyclable.

  • Have friends over for a costume swap. Organise the clothing by sizes and allow your kids to pick which ones they like the best.
  • Hit the charity shops for ghoulish hand-me-downs or look for mix-and-match items that can make your perfect costume.
  • Make your own! It's loads of fun!

No matter the time of year, to find out what you can recycle please visit 

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