Grime and Punishment campaign launched to combat fly tipping and littering

Grime & Punishment is Hounslow Council’s dedicated campaign to preventing and enforcing the illegal dumping of waste and litter in our borough.

Published: Wednesday, 21st August 2019

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We all love clean streets, parks and green spaces and want to live in a clutter-free environment that we can all feel proud of. We are committed to achieving a clean, attractive borough, where people want to visit, enjoy and can call home. This is being realised in our Cleaner Greener Hounslow project.

Unfortunately, there are some individuals that persist in dumping litter and waste – and we want this to stop. We are tackling this issue, and Grime and Punishment provides the platform to crack down on those who continue to have no regard for our environment – and the law. 

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of unwanted items, this can be large scale dumping by illegal waste carriers, or even smaller scale dumping, such as leaving an unwanted carrier bag of waste by public bins. We know this is of concern to our residents who see their neighbourhoods impacted by the mess of those who choose not to respect our streets and green spaces.

Litter is also an issue in Hounslow like the rest of the UK, keeping our streets clean of litter costs local authorities millions of pounds every year. This money could be better spent elsewhere.

Grime and Punishment will be appealing to the public via our online and social media channels. Residents will be able to view CCTV footage showing previously unidentified culprits caught in the act of fly tipping and littering. The CCTV content will be updated regularly and can be viewed at

If residents have information that can help us to identify any of individuals featured, they can contact us on: or call us 020 8572 8859.

The evidence gathered will enable our Enforcement Team to fine and prosecute those responsible – making them think twice before fly tipping or littering in Hounslow again.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said:

“We all love clean streets and want to live in a borough where people take pride and work together to achieve a cleaner, greener borough.

“Grime and Punishment provides the opportunity for residents and businesses to help the council identify those who show no respect for our borough.

“Dumping rubbish (fly tipping) on our streets and green spaces, blights neighbourhoods, impacts on people's pride of place, and puts added strain on council services.

“I see this campaign as a big step forward in demonstrating that we are simply not tolerating fly tipping and littering.”

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