The heatwave is here, but don’t forget to keep cool

Most people will be looking forward to this week’s mini heatwave where temperatures are likely to get into the low 30s.

Published: Wednesday, 24th July 2019

Image of a young child drinking water

But do spare a thought for the groups of people who dread it and are likely to suffer from it.

The most obvious are older people and those who have a pre-existing medical condition or those who are homeless.  Anyone living at the top of high rise buildings may also suffer, but  babies and young children are also particularly vulnerable.

The Met Office has already issued a level 3 heat health alert which means there is a 90% probability of heatwave conditions in London and the South East.  Potentially, it could be the hottest period of the summer so far.

Cllr Candice Atterton, Council Member for Adults, Social Care and Health at Hounslow Council said: “Here at the council, we are encouraging all residents not only to be mindful themselves, but to check up on their neighbours to make sure they are coping in the extreme heat.  It’s also important to keep a closer eye on children and babies.”

Top ten tips for staying safe in the extreme heat:

  • Keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm
  • Avoid extreme physical exertion
  • When travelling ensure you take water with you
  • Look out for isolated, older people making sure they can keep cool
  • Ensure children or older people and your pets are not left alone in stationary cars
  • Open windows at night if it feels cooler outside
  • Seek medical advice if suffering from a long-term medical condition
  • If you have to go out in the heat, wear UV sunglasses to reduce UV exposure
  • Check out the NHS
  • Or the Met Office: for more detail


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