Hounslow delivers on pothole pledge

One of the manifesto pledges that Hounslow Council made in the run-up to the local elections last year was to invest £2 million to fix potholes in local roads - and invite residents to report potholes that need attention.

Published: Friday, 28th June 2019


Delivering against this pledge took the form of a ‘Pothole Busters’ campaign, that launched in October 2018, featuring an image of Hounslow’s team of road repair operatives, poised and ready to get to work repairing any potholes reported by members of the public.

Since then, through the borough’s established road maintenance programme, that already ranks Hounslow’s roads as being in the top three London boroughs in terms of the level of maintenance, Hounslow Highways has had over 790 issues reported with 263 potholes having been repaired.  A further 212 potholes are programmed for completion with a further 162 under review.  

But what is a pothole?  To most people a pothole is a catch-all phrase to describe any road defect, from the classic gouged-out damaged area, often due to repeated freeze and thaw, to superficial damage to a road’s surface. As with any road maintenance programme, not all are equal, and criteria apply as to when a ‘pothole’ requires repair.

There are a number of roads in Hounslow affected by extensive potholes which are not severe enough to meet the council’s normal criteria for repair. Many are roads suffering delamination – which is when the asphalt layer has detached from the concrete base creating an uneven surface. The process to fix the delamination potholes is more intensive as it can require large areas of broken asphalt to be removed, requiring appropriate notification to those residents living by these roads.

Since the launch of the campaign, 65 roads have been identified in the borough that are suffering in most cases from delamination. We have listened to residents, identified which roads are the highest priority and have rigorously designed and negotiated cost-effective schemes with our service provider.  A works programme will follow, focussing on the complete resurfacing of the 20 roads across the borough that are highest prioity, starting in August 2019, at a cost of over £700K.

The 20 roads are:

  • Grove Park Gardens
  • Pears Road
  • Queenswood Avenue
  • Ringway
  • Sherbourne Road
  • Chestnut Avenue
  • Southville Close
  • Staines Road Feltham (470 to 540)
  • Norfolk Road
  • Holly Farm Road
  • Wesley Avenue
  • Whytecroft Road
  • Manor Gardens
  • Fernside Avenue
  • Manor House Way
  • Cygnet Avenue
  • Wellington Avenue
  • St Aubyns Avenue
  • Granville Avenue
  • Heddon Close


Over the course of the next 2 financial years a further investment of £1,300,000 will be invested in the borough’s roads.

Councillor Guy Lambert, Lead Member for Highways at Hounslow Council said:

“As a council we are committed to delivering on the pledge we have made to our residents in respect of potholes as much as any of our other commitments. Hounslow Highways have invested £96m in their core investment programme since beginning our Private Finance Initiative with them over 6 years ago.  This involved the resurfacing of approximately 206KM of carriageways and 230km of footpaths. This investment has put us in a very good place and the borough’s roads are amongst the best maintained in London as a result.

“Nonetheless, potholes are something that matter to our residents and this extra investment will enable us to achieve more widespread improvement across key roads and to work more efficiently in re-surfacing entire roads, where required, rather than on a piecemeal basis. We will continue to listen to our residents to ensure that this investment is directed to the areas it is most needed and so we want to hear from you about any potholes or road defects which need our attention. The ones you report will be added to the list of roads needing attention and will release the next tranche of funding in 2020 to fix the ones that residents still see as top priorities” 

To report a pothole on your street, visit: www.hounslow.gov.uk/potholebusters 

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