Statement from Hounslow Council on the borough-wide Injunction Order granted against illegal incursions

The High Court has granted Hounslow Council a borough-wide Injunction Order to stop illegal incursions (encampments) on public land.

Published: Friday, 14th June 2019

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council said:

“Our parks and public spaces in Hounslow are an important priority for our residents as they provide great benefits to our communities. However, this can be blighted by illegal incursions (encampments); causing damage to our parks and open spaces and disruption and upset to residents and businesses nearby.

“We aim to proactively deal with illegal incursions when they do occur and in the past eighteen months we have dealt with 38 incursions. Illegal incursions use up valuable council resources, diverting us from other priorities and places a heavy burden on our partners, particularly the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) who are also overstretched. Cleari up the fly-tipping and other associated mess from these incursions costs the council and the MPS tens of thousands of pounds a year.

“We are, therefore, pleased to announce that the High Court has granted a temporary Injunction Order of three months to stop illegal incursions on council-owned land. The Order will enable the council and the police to take immediate steps to move on or arrest those responsible for illegal incursions on public lands.

“You will shortly see the Order being displayed across the borough. If you become aware of an illegal encampment in the process of, or having recently been set up in public land, please contact Hounslow Council on: 0208 583 5555 or dial 101 to report the matter to the police.”

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