Tackling homelessness and meeting housing needs - Hounslow's plan to help and support the most vulnerable

At Cabinet meeting last night (Tuesday 11 June), Hounslow Council approved its second Homelessness Reduction Action Plan 2019/24 which builds on from its first plan approved in October 2015.

Published: Wednesday, 12th June 2019

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The new plan sets out a package of measures which will continue to tackle and prevent homelessness in Hounslow. 

Over the past five years, the council has successfully reduced the number of households living in temporary accommodation (TA). In 2014, there were over 1,140 households living in TA, reduced by 40 per cent to 675 households at the end of March 2019. 

Despite the increasing pressures and demand for services added by the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, Hounslow is reaping benefits and seeing a reduction in the use of Bed and Breakfast, temporary accommodation and numbers of people sleeping rough on the streets.

The comprehensive plan builds on a set of measures to better manage supply through a number of various initiatives and a commitment to deliver up to 1,000 new homes through its own housing building programme, keeping its focus in preventing homelessness and supporting those waiting to be re-housed. This approach also reaffirms the innovative way we are tackling homelessness by working closer with key partners such as hospitals, job centres, prisons, the care system and other public bodies.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said:

“People's perception of homelessness is often focused on the people who are literally on the streets. But it's something much wider than that. With austerity continuing and financial uncertainty, our housing services are facing unprecedented pressures, with demand for both permanent and temporary accommodation exceeding supply. However, this council is determined to continue to help the most vulnerable in our borough, which is why we have been focusing our efforts on tackling homelessness and rough sleeping. Our comprehensive Homelessness Action Plan 2019/24 shows exactly how we can address the root causes of homelessness and work to make it a thing of the past. We are bold and ambitious for our residents and will not simply accept homelessness as a sad fact of life because we know it doesn’t have to be this way.  I look forward to working with all our partners and communities who are also key players in helping us to prevent and reduce homelessness in our borough.”

Read the full cabinet report here.

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