Water pressure issues in the TW, W and KT postcode areas

We are aware that Thames Water is currently dealing with a burst pipe at their Hampton pumping station, TW12.

Published: Wednesday, 12th June 2019

The latest update from Thames Water is that the water supply is returning back to normal in the TW / KT and W areas.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit Thames Water website or check their community page.

Page last updated: 09.25am on Thursday 13 June


Thames Water has informed us that they have put in contingency measures to restore water pressure to everyone affected, and this should improve over the next few hours.

They have advised that when the water supply returns, you should run your cold kitchen tap for a few minutes to help clear any trapped air or particles.

They also have a support team on the ground to provide extra support for priority service customers. If you’re medically dependant on water, please call 0800 009 4544 to register for their priority service.

We expect that schools and children’s centres and leisure centres will be open as normal tomorrow. If the situation changes for any schools, they will contact parents and carers directly, and we will update the information on the website.

Anyone living in high-rise flats who still has any problems with water pressure this evening, possibly due to air pockets in the pipes, should contact Linkline in the first instance. If the problem becomes more severe, please contact Thames Water.

For more information, please check the Thames Water website or check their community page

Information published 17.25pm on Wednesday 12 June


Thames Water is currently dealing with a burst at their Hampton pumping station, TW12.

This is currently affecting water supplies in all TW post code areas, plus areas of KT8, KT12, W3, W4 and W1.

The following schools, leisure centres and childrens centres have also had to close:

  • Marlborough Primary
  • St Mary's Primary (Isleworth)
  • Chatsworth Primary
  • The Green School for Girls
  • The Green School for Boys
  • St Richards School - Hanworth 
  • Lindon Bennett
  • Smallberry Green
  • Hanworth Air Park Leisure Centre
  • Isleworth Public Hall
  • The Blue School - Isleworth
  • Crane Park Childrens Centre
  • South Isleworth Childrens Centre

We understand that specialist engineers are on site and are working to get the water supply back to normal as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, Thames Water is looking at locations from which they can hand out bottled water if there is a need for emergency supplies.

For more information, please check the Thames Water website

Information published 13.05pm on Wednesday 12 June


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