2018 an excellent year for Hounslow Highways

2018 was a good year for Hounslow Highways which manages Hounslow’s roads, pavements, street lighting, street furniture, trees and horticulture maintenance on behalf of Hounslow Council.

Published: Thursday, 14th March 2019

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The company has just issued its Annual Service Report for 2018 demonstrating that under its stewardship Hounslow continues to be in the top three for all highway assets in London.

The report details the company’s performance against 294 key performance indicators as set out in its contract, highlighting many successes, while identifying challenges for the future.

Last year was the sixth year of the Hounslow Highways Private Finance Initiative (PFI) service contract and the first full year since the completion of the 5-year £96m Core Investment Period. Since the contract began in January 2013, a significant amount of work has been undertaken including the resurfacing of approximately 206km of carriageways and 230km of footpaths,15,093 street lights replaced with new LED lanterns, the refurbishment of five major structures, and the replacement of 13,336 traffic signs. 

The report outlines how Hounslow Highways successfully delivered key services across Hounslow, forging ever stronger links with the community and supporting initiatives, both as part of their service, and on a voluntary support basis during the period.

The Lay Assessors programme continues to be a highly effective way of working with representatives from the community to regularly assess the service and identify any issues as they arise. Hounslow Highways also runs regular Councillor Ward-about days to keep channels of communication open with Councillors and address issues raised by residents promptly. Other community projects included the implementation of an educational programme with schools in partnership with Enabling Enterprise, and a poster competition for children to design livery 8 new mechanical sweepers employed from March 2018. The company has also supported street champions and Resident Association groups from across the borough to help them with their initiatives in the borough.

Cleansing remains a continued challenge with reports of fly tipping increasing by 50% over the year. The company has overhauled its street cleansing services in response, introducing a Cleansing Improvement Plan, two manned barrow teams on a ward-based rotation supported by mechanical sweepers and cage tippers. Dedicated teams have successfully developed the deep cleansing programme, involving the suspension of parking to enable full access to clean the road and gulleys on 400 roads in the borough. More mechanisation has also been invested in to clear leaf fall from the roads more efficiently.

2018 also saw the introduction of Hounslow Council’s Pothole Pledge, part of their manifesto commitment, supported through the Pothole Busters campaign. Hounslow Highways continue to routinely fix larger potholes and they have gathered evidence about other potholes people want fixing. In April we will let people know which roads the public have nominated and Hounslow Highways will get on with fixing them!  Cllr Guy Lambert, Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling and Companies said:

“The annual report is a strong endorsement of Hounslow Highways hard work and commitment in the borough. It’s impressive to see that despite spiralling levels of fly tipping, complaints have halved over the past year.

“Most people want to live in clean and well-maintained communities, but unfortunately there is a small minority of people who persist in flytipping and dumping their rubbish on our streets. You can help us by reporting flytipping when you see it happening. In some cases, residents will benefit from better facilities or even training but we don’t hesitate to fine or where warranted prosecute perpetrators when they are caught with 558 Fixed Penalty Notices being issued last year for littering offences.”  

Martin Clack, Divisional Director of Hounslow Highways said:

“2018 was challenging, and the first full year after the end of the initial 5-year core investment construction programme.

“Some remaining schemes were completed, namely the Grand Union Canal Footbridge and Sutton lane Footbridge, and we move into delivering key services and works through the Major Maintenance programme.

“Although cleansing remains a challenge, we will stay focussed on innovating in this service area through collaboration with our colleagues at the London Borough of Hounslow, active members of the community and other organisations such as Transport for London”.

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