Eighty-four per cent of Hounslow residents are satisfied with where they live

Every two years our residents have the chance to tell us what they think of their local area

Published: Monday, 18th February 2019

Image of Hounslow High Street

Every two years our residents have the chance to tell us what they think of their local area, the services the council provides and how well we provide them through our Hounslow Residents’ Survey.

Our latest survey was carried out last autumn, 2018, by independent research agency BMG Research who interviewed 1,256 residents on their doorsteps.

The results of this survey told us that more than eight out of 10 of you are satisfied with your local area as a place to live and you described your localities as quiet, peaceful, nice and friendly.

Nearly 90 per cent of you agreed that people from different backgrounds get on well together in your local area, and many of you agreed that people in Hounslow pull together to improve their local area (up from 59 to 71 per cent).

We were pleased to hear that more of you (72 per cent) are satisfied with the way the council runs things (up eight per cent on 2016), and more of you think we provide value for money, 65 per cent – an increase of 11 eleven per cent compared to 2016.

But we also recognise that you flagged up things we need to improve.

The lowest-rated council service was repair of roads and pavements, which less than half of you rated positively. We are already taking steps to address this through our pothole pledge, investing £2 million to repair potholes in local roads. Find out more about the pothole pledge at www.hounslow.gov.uk/potholebusters

While 92 per cent of you feel safe in your local area during the day, only 65 per cent of you feel safe after dark – we are working closely with the police to improve safety locally, and over three fifths of you feel the council is working effectively with the police to address crime and antisocial behaviour in your local area.

We were disappointed to hear that fewer of you think our staff are friendly and polite compared to 2016, and our new Chief Executive, Niall Bolger, has committed to taking personal responsibility for ensuring actions are taken to address this.

Cllr Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Communities and Workforce, said: “We really value the feedback we receive from our residents, and we would like to thank those people who gave up their time to share their views. The information you provide is invaluable to us in understanding where you think we’re doing things well, but more importantly where you think we need to improve and the concerns you have for your local area.

“We take this research very seriously and will be doing all we can to address your concerns, continue to provide places you enjoy living in and improve the services that are of value to you.”

“As a local councillor I was disappointed to learn that only 13 per cent of you could name one or more of your local councillors. As the people who represent you locally, it’s important you know who we are and how to find us when you need help with a local issue. Please visit our website to find all the details about us including our surgery locations and times.”

Visit www.hounslow.gov.uk/yourcouncillor



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