Hounslow champions Mayor of London's ‘rent control’ proposals to tackle affordability crisis

Statement from Councillor Lily Bath, Cabinet Member for Housing.

Published: Friday, 25th January 2019

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Councillor Lily Bath, Cabinet Member for Housing, Hounslow Council, said:

“Hounslow Council welcomes the Mayor’s announcement to develop a new plan for stabilising or controlling rents and seeking support from Government to achieve this. People in Hounslow have suffered greatly due to the housing crisis. Families unable to pay their rent, who are being evicted by their landlord, make up the majority of homeless cases being helped by our housing department.

"We know that buying a home in the borough is now out of reach for many renting families. We estimate the household income required to comfortably afford rent on a two-bedroom property is £38,000. This is likely to be unaffordable for over half our residents. We must act together with other London boroughs, the GLA and Government to address the problem. We look forward to working with the Mayor on his proposals to keep rents genuinely affordable for our residents.”

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