New seven day a week Community Safety and Enforcement service to launch in early January

Hounslow is to have a new Community Safety and Enforcement Service, as part of a radical shakeup of service delivery, to better meet the needs of residents and to clamp down on anti social behaviour.

Published: Monday, 10th December 2018

New enforcement team
Cllr Katherine Dunne (front row: fifth from left) with members of the new Neighbourhood Enforcement Team

Part of the service is the new Neighbourhood Enforcement Team which merges three, previously separate functions; pollution, estate wardens and park wardens. Personnel from these teams will be trained and authorised to undertake enforcement as well as acting as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour such as fly tipping, noise and disturbance. The service will be on duty seven days a week; until 11pm on weeknights and until 2am on the weekends, to meet the demands on the service.

Taking enforcement action where appropriate, the service is also looking for the community to play its part in keeping Hounslow safe and clean – to dispose of all waste correctly and to help us stop others fly-tipping by reporting it.

The new service will be based at a repurposed council Community Safety and Enforcement centre in Brentford. The extended hours of the new service, coupled with Hounslow Council’s imminent move to a new, downsized Civic Centre, Hounslow House in March 2019, means that co-locating the new service at a separate site is more practicable. Staff across the service will be uniformed to raise their visibility and residents’ awareness of the involvement of the council in keeping them safe

The new facility will also serve as a base for the teams dealing with private sector housing, food and trading standards, health and safety and licensing, as well as community safety. In time, it will also be the new home for the integrated CCTV hub which will support the Housing, Community Safety and Traffic Enforcement services with an upgraded CCTV network and system.

The integrated borough-wide CCTV service is expected to deliver many benefits to the council and residents with upgraded cameras, with reduced maintenance and operating costs, being an effective way of monitoring public disorder and identifying hotspot areas, leading to better community safety. The service will offer a better capacity to manage traffic incidents and enforcement of traffic orders and legislation aswell as monitoring fly-tipping sites.

During 2019, officers will report to the recently strengthened Community Safety Partnership Board on the outcome of a review of the effectiveness of the council's long-standing community safety arrangements to protect local people from crime and anti-social behaviour.

It is planned that these changes will go a long way to answering the question as to “what is the council doing to keep you safe?” and permit a more robust dialogue with the public about what the community needs to do to improve their safety and quality of life.

Councillor Katherine Dunne, Lead Member for Communities at Hounslow Council said:

“The new Community Safety and Enforcement Service signals the start of a new era for the borough of Hounslow. We want to work closely with communities to deliver improvements to the street scene and to reassure our residents against the increase in violent crime across London.

“Most of our residents are law abiding and community-spirited but unfortunately they are being consistently being let down by a tiny minority who do not show consideration for their fellow residents. Our new service provides the borough with the capability to safeguard our streets more effectively and to clamp down on those who do not abide by the reasonable code of conduct expected of them.”



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