Council delivers on Pothole Pledge

Hounslow Council’s campaign, launched last month to promote its Pothole Pledge has been gathering momentum, with over 100 potholes reported since the campaign launched on the 22 October.

Published: Friday, 30th November 2018

Image of Cllr Guy Lambert pointing to a marked pothole ready for repair.

The Pothole Pledge underlines that the council sees dealing with potholes as a key priority and the campaign encourages residents to report potholes where they occur so that the council’s ‘Pothole Busters’, or road maintenance operatives, can deal with them before they get worse.

A pothole is a widely used term to describe damage to a road or carriageway. Potholes are usually formed during the winter months as a direct result of snow, ice and prolonged periods of rain and occur where an area of the road’s surface has been broken up and dispersed. Potholes are an inevitable part of urban life because our busy West London roads are heavily used, but they could be hazardous as they may damage cars and pose a danger to cyclists and pedestrians.

The borough’s roads have been maintained under contract by Hounslow Highways since January 2013. Since taking over, a significant amount of work has been undertaken including the resurfacing of approximately 206km of carriageways and 230km of footpaths. The first ever State of the City Report on London’s highways, produced earlier this year found that out of 32 London boroughs, only Westminster and Hounslow have a maintenance backlog considered ‘low’.  This shows how well Hounslow Highways is doing in maintaining the borough’s roads and highways despite more issues developing all the time.

The council website guides residents on how to report potholes and they can follow the progress of their case online. All roads and highways in the borough are routinely inspected for defects, but potholes can quickly deteriorate, so early intervention is crucial.  However, ‘potholes’ or road defects can take many forms and not all need immediate repair. By reporting a road defect, Hounslow Highways will inspect it and, if necessary, it will be dealt with quickly. If a road defect is not considered urgent, it will be kept under review and repaired once considered necessary.

Councillor Guy Lambert, Lead Member for Highways, Recycling and Trading Companies said:

“We know that the repair of potholes is something that really matters to the people of Hounslow. The council has listened and made it one of our key priorities. Hounslow Highways already does an excellent job of maintaining our roads and public highways but as potholes can appear over a short time residents can help report immediate issues in their road.

"Thanks for reporting the potholes in response to our campaign – it’s especially important that you report them now, even if you reported them before, because we are trying to catch every defect that annoys residents during this special campaign, including ones we wouldn’t normally fix. Please continue to do so especially over the winter months which is when most damage to our roads occurs.”

Report a pothole on your street

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