World Toilet Day 2018: What to do #WhenNatureCalls in Hounslow

On 19 November 2018, we celebrate World Toilet Day, a United Nations international observance day to tackle the global sanitation crisis. This year’s campaign is ‘When Nature Calls’

Published: Friday, 16th November 2018

Image of Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council at the Museum of Steam and Water.

In February this year, Hounslow launched its Community Toilet Scheme to help people locate public toilets across the borough when required. The council has worked with shops, pubs, petrol and train stations across Hounslow and there are purple ‘Use our toilet’ signs on display. The signs show members of the public that there are accessible facilities available on the premises.  The locations are available on the council’s website. This ensures that anyone with mobile access to the internet can use it to find the nearest public toilet.

To commemorate World Toilet Day, we are collaborating with the British Toilet Association’s Use Our Loos campaign. This is a national community toilet scheme, created with the Great British Public Toilet Map, Domestos, and the British Toilet Association, with the ambition of unlocking loos that are hidden in high street cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and bars and open them up to the community. Hounslow Council is the first local authority to support this programme at a borough level and we want to encourage as many local businesses to back the programme as possible.

We hope to add all publicly available loos on to the Great British Public Toilet Map and want to encourage local businesses to sign up their venue on the Use Our Loos campaign by entering details here or contacting the Campaign Manager. Let’s work together to ensure that facilities are available When Nature Calls for residents or visitors in Hounslow.

We believe that by ensuring we place available facilities on our local website as well as a national searchable website, toilets can be easily identified. It also showcases the commitment of local businesses to their community.

Councillor Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Communities and Workforce at Hounslow Council said:

“This is a great initiative to help solve the problem of the lack of public facilities which can cause great inconvenience and at times distress to residents and visitors across the UK when out and about.  By working with the British Toilet Association’s Use Our Loos campaign, we can ensure that details of available facilities in the borough are easy to find. In an age when we increasingly use our Smart Phones to navigate locations, this application makes perfect sense.  The scheme should also drive footfall to businesses who generously make their facilities available to the public, fostering goodwill and hopefully incremental sales.”

Please feel free to email the Community Toilet Scheme for more information.

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