Can you find the childcare you need?

Residents with a baby or child up to 14 years (18 years for children with a disability) are being asked for their views on childcare sufficiency.

Published: Thursday, 30th August 2018

Children at a nursery painting

Residents in Hounslow who have a baby or a child aged up to 14 years (or up to 18 years for children with a disability), are being asked by Hounslow Council for their views on whether childcare in the borough is meeting their needs.

An online childcare demand survey will run until Friday 2 November 2018. People can submit their views on our consultation page.

Your feedback will help us understand what our families require from our childcare providers. Knowing what is going well and what could be improved in childcare services is important to the council.

The information provided in the survey will support future planning to ensure that there is sufficient high-quality childcare available in the places and at the times that parents and carers need it.

The closing date for responses to the survey is Friday 2 November 2018. No responses received after this date can be considered by the council.

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