Borough gets tough on fly tipping

Fly tipping across the capital remains a problem affecting Hounslow as much as other boroughs.

Published: Wednesday, 25th July 2018

image of flytipping

The accumulation of illegally dumped waste in residential areas leads to an unsightly and potentially dangerous problem, which has for long been a bugbear of residents and businesses. Hounslow Council and Hounslow Highways clear such fly tips on an ongoing basis, but unfortunately the perpetrators persist, often re dumping in the same locations, identified as fly tip ‘hotspots’.

Over the past few weeks, the borough has implemented a focused Joint Enforcement Programme with; Hounslow Highways, Waste and Recycling, Housing Enforcement, Licensing, Trading Standards, Planning Enforcement and LBH Police, to not only clear the worst fly tipping hotspots, but to investigate the source of the discarded waste and issue Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £400 and in some cases, court action. Every week for 10 weeks, the multi partner action group will focus on priority fly tipping hotspots across the borough.

A recent Joint Action Enforcement Operation focused on Manor Avenue where the alley backing onto properties on Francis Road, Hounslow West had a fly tip build up measuring approximately 20m long.  The area was initially cordoned off as a ‘crime scene’ before operatives searched through the contents to find evidence of where the waste had come from. The rubbish was then removed, using a grab lorry which removed 3.5 tonnes of waste at an estimated cost to the borough of £2,000.

Speaking after the clear up, Councillor Guy Lambert, Hounslow Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling and Trading Companies said:

“Fly tipping is a scourge on our communities. Not only does it look dreadful, it’s also hazardous as it can attract vermin and disease. We know that fly tipping is the action of a tiny minority, but it affects everyone and residents and businesses in Hounslow have had enough. 

“Feedback from residents and businesses in the community has been overwhelmingly positive as the public are clearly reassured by this high profile multi-agency deployment.

“We all need to work together to eradicate this issue. Our Joint Action Days signify to perpetrators that we will seek them out and prosecute them. It is unacceptable for public money to be wasted clearing up illegally dumped waste.”

Further Joint Enforcement Operations have taken place at Vicarage Farm Road and Princes Avenue, with other locations to be targeted as part of the Weekly Joint Enforcement programme until the middle of September.

When hiring contractors to remove waste, households need to ensure that they are registered waste carriers, brokers or dealers. There are illegal operators who will fly tip rather than pay for rubbish to be accepted at the tip. In such circumstances, anyone who’s rubbish is identified, will also be prosecuted.

We all must work together to eradicate fly tipping: Reporting will help us in our fight against this illegal activity. All the information you report is important and will be treated confidentially. Remember, do not approach any individuals and do not put yourself in any danger. For further information and to report fly tipping go to:

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