Statement from the Chair of the Planning Committee

Peaceful demonstration at the Civic Centre on Thursday 5 July before the Planning Committee meeting at 7.30pm

Published: Tuesday, 3rd July 2018

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Cllr Corinna Smart Chair of Planning Committee has said:

"The Council is happy to support your protest and as a courtesy to you we propose that you gather in the area adjacent to the Library Entrance and cash machine, rather than protesting on the public highway.

"As you're aware I am sure, the Show People site and Sparrow Farm proposals are not on the agenda of the Planning Committee. I understand that you wish to make a general protest about redevelopment in Feltham particularly and I would ask that you do not demonstrate in the Planning Committee as space is limited and we have a very busy agenda.

"Please note, the Lead Member, Cllr Steve Curran,does not normally attend Planning Committee meetings, and is not expected on 5 July. We would ask that any protestors act in a peaceable manner and respect the right of councillors, officers and members of the public to enter and leave the Civic Centre without hindrance."

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