Hounslow wildlife given a boost with Duke of Northumberland River improvements

Hounslow Council has been working in partnership with London Wildlife Trust and local volunteers to improve the Duke of Northumberland’s River for both wildlife and local residents.

Published: Tuesday, 13th March 2018

Image of a Kingfisher spotted at the Duke of Northumberland Riverside in Isleworth.

The improvement works were unveiled on Friday 9 March and aim to create the perfect habitat for a range of wildlife to flourish, including fish, waterfowl, water voles, invertebrates such as damselflies and birds such as kingfishers and herons. 

Members of the local community kindly gave their time to volunteer during a clean-up day organised by London Wildlife Trust as the project came to a close. 

Undertaken between 19 February and 9 March, the project involved installing a small aquatic shelf along the western bank of the river which has been planted with an array of aquatic plant life.

As the plants begin to grow, the aesthetics of Riverside Walk will be vastly improved, turning the heavily engineered river channel into a beautiful natural feature for residents to enjoy.

Spanning 2.5 miles, the Duke of Northumberland’s River connects the River Crane in Twickenham and the River Thames in Old Isleworth and was constructed around 500 years ago by monks to power a water mill.

Councillor Samia Chaudhary, Cabinet Member for Green Policy and Leisure, Hounslow Council, said:

“Not only is the river steeped in history but it is also a waterway enjoyed by both residents and wildlife. We need to encourage biodiversity in the borough and one way to do this is to work with partners such as London Wildlife Trust to ensure we are doing everything we can to maintain key sites such as this.

“We were saddened to see a large amount of rubbish in the river but we’re grateful to the members of the community who kindly volunteered their time to clean this up, helping the river to look its best.”

David Mooney, Director of Development at London Wildlife Trust, said: “

“It is heartwarming to see the local council working so hard to improve the environment and local ecology of Isleworth. This stretch of the Duke of Northumberland’s River was in desperate need of some TLC, and with the fantastic help and support of the local community, we have achieved some fantastic gains for nature over the last few weeks.”

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