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Lampton 360 was established by Hounslow Council in 2012 with the objective of trading local authority functions.

Published: Thursday, 22nd December 2016

Lampton 360 was established by Hounslow Council in 2012 with the objective of trading local authority functions to make financial surpluses and return them to the council. It is a company wholly owned by the council, with all surpluses made returning to the council.

Lampton exists to return surpluses to Hounslow Council, driven by a clear ethical and moral stance, maintaining high standards of quality, transparency and respect, where employees are treated well and reward goes beyond remuneration.

We are an organisation which is ‘of the Council’ but different, combining commercial expertise with a commitment to public service.

Lampton Development – is a property developer established to redevelop surplus local authority land, with residential and mixed use projects.

Phase I of the development programme has identified 11 sites, up to 844 units, approved by Cabinet in April 2016 that will deliver much needed affordable housing (24% social rent, 16% intermediate), 40% private sale, and 20% private rent.

This delivers a bold new and ambitious approach by a London borough to improve the level of housing supply, and to address the level of affordable homes needed across the borough.

Lampton 360 are pleased to announce the submission of planning for their first new build project at Nantly House, 33 Lampton Road, Hounslow.

The site is currently owned by Hounslow Council, but will be transferring over to Lampton 360 in order for them to build a residential led scheme of studio, 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments, along with some flexible ground floor space, with either A1, A2 or D1 use.

The site will contain 40% affordable housing (26% social rent, and 14% Intermediate), 40% private sale, and 20% for private rent.

Howard Wollaston, Chair of the Board for Lampton 360, said: “I am delighted that this project is moving forward, using local authority surplus land to provide much needed housing and meet increasing demand in the borough.
“The scheme will be a mixed tenure, mixed use scheme that will be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. This will be the first of many sites that Lampton 360 will be developing on behalf of Hounslow Council.”

Councillor Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Housing, Hounslow Council, said: “ I am delighted to see a good provision of much needed affordable new homes, delivered at genuinely affordable levels for a wide range of individuals and families to access across the borough.“

The project is set to start on start in 2017 subject to planning.

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