Deblozay - Something totally wicked this way comes with Hounslow’s Summer of Culture finale

Hounslow's Summer of Culture reaches a spectacular finale this weekend with the interactive street performance Deblozay. This free event is not to be missed.

Published: Thursday, 25th August 2022

photo of Deblozay performance
King Creole: Deblozay is coming to Hounslow High Street.

Out of the shadows, they come.

A throng of dancers, speakers and musicians all dressed in distinctive black and white. 

Their pale faces reflect the moonlight. Top hats and shirt tails move in time with the beat of the drums. 

Get ready for chaos Hounslow. Get ready for Deblozay.

This spectacular event will see street theatre mixed with musical performance in an interactive procession that promises to bring the crowds along with it.

Deblozay, which means 'chaos' in Haitian Creole is a journey through the memory of a city and its inhabitants. Flamboyant ghosts take us on a trek to those forgotten places in a celebration of everything that was and all that could be.

Presented by French performance troupe Rara Woulib, Deblozay is a fitting finale to Hounslows Summer of Culture programme.

This nocturnal cortege comes to Hounslow High Street on Saturday, 27 August. It will start at Inwood Park at 8.30pm. After exploring the area, the interactive tour de force will reach a its crescendo in Bell Square at 9.30pm.

Hounslow Councils Cabinet Member for Communities and Equality, Councillor Shivraj Grewal, said: Over the past three months we have had an amazing array of entertainment through the Summer of Culture. It all started in fiery fashion with Amor in June. Along the way, we have had a series of sold-out Films on the Green, the circus-like Aliens from Mons, the sights and sounds of the Anhad Festival and much more.

Now we are rounding things off in fine style with Deblozay. This internationally-acclaimed performance has enthralled audiences. We are very fortunate to have it as our festival finale.”

Cllr Grewal added: When we started with the idea of the Summer of Culture, we wanted an event that showcased the rich diversity, cultural heritage and talent in our borough. We wanted to empower communities by providing them with grants to stage their own performances. We wanted to inspire people to discover their own talents and enrich their lives. While the performances may now be coming to a close, the real work of the Summer of Culture has only just begun. We hope its legacy will be the lives it has touched and the spirit of optimism and opportunities it has provided our residents.”

Deblozay and many other festival events have been brought to Hounslow in conjunction with Watermans (Bell Square) and Creative People and Places.

Director Jan Lennox said: ““It’s been fantastic to partner with Hounslow Council on this event. Rara Woulib’s Deblozay is a fitting finale to the Summer of Culture as it is everything we strive to always deliver with our Bell Square events; the best artists, vibrant events worthy of a world stage, community participation…all the things that add colour, interest and fun to our amazing community.”

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