Anhad festival comes to Hounslow

Hounslow high street marks South Asian Heritage Month with music and street performances as part of the Summer of Culture.

Published: Thursday, 11th August 2022

Summer of Culture Anhad festival
Performers Shyam Dattani and Mira Salat step out on Hounslow High Street.

The sounds, songs and stories of South Asia will burst into vibrant life in Hounslow town centre this weekend with a day-long free carnival of culture. 

Anhad marks South Asian Heritage Month in Hounslow and promises to be a festival without limits with a dazzling blend of outdoor arts and performance at Bell Square and along Hounslow High Street on Saturday, 13 August. 

The festival, part of Hounslow Council’s Summer of Culture programme, takes its name from the Sikh word for limitless. Between 2pm and 9.30pm, some of the UK’s most promising and acclaimed South Asian artists will take centre stage. 

The cornucopia of celebrations will include dance, music, performances and processions throughout the day and into the summer night. 

Anhad is directed by award-winning producer, director and cultural leader Mira Kaushik OBE, formerly one of the leading lights in London-based dance troupe Akademi.

Mira is working with Watermans Centre to bring the event to Hounslow. She says the celebration is the first of its kind to provide such a prominent platform for South Asian creativity in all its forms. 

Mira said: The festival promises the very best of UK-based South Asian outdoor arts performed and created by the best South Asian artists from across the country working alongside Hounslow’s artists and communities.”

Jan Lennox, Director, Watermans (Bell Square) added: “This will be a fantastic platform for South Asian creativity. The breadth and depth of contemporary South Asian outdoor arts is huge, so it will be wonderful to see such diverse acts performing in Hounslow and we hope this will become an annual celebration of an important part of UK culture.”

Saturday’s lineup includes the following highlights: 

2.40pm - Balbir Singh Dance Company 

3.15pm - Ani Prabhu

3.30pm - Kirti Kala Mandier

All the events at Saturday’s celebration are free for everyone to enjoy.

Anhad is one of the festival highlights of the Summer of Culture, which has been providing spectacular cultural, artistic and sporting performances across the borough since June.

Hounslow Councils Cabinet Member Communities and Equality, Councillor Shivraj Grewal, said: “Seeing our local community flourish throughout our Summer of Culture has been amazing. The sheer number of events across the borough reinforces the breadth of cultural experiences our residents can enjoy. Anhad is yet another opportunity for our borough to see contemporary performance across our public spaces and it’s a great opportunity to showcase South Asian culture.”

For the programme for Anhad, click here.

For more information about Hounslow’s Summer of Culture, visit here.

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